Transform your mindset and improve performance in a 90 minute power session

All sessions include:

  • Performance profiling questionnaire

  • Bespoke 90 minute power session

  • Strategies supported by theory and evidence

  • Maintenance plan

  • Access to resources

  • 20 minute follow up call


The Well Recovered Athlete

Boost your performance through improved sleep and nutrition. 

✓ Bespoke 90-minute recovery                          enhancement session 
✓ Recovery enhancing resources
✓ Recovery maintenance plan



The Confident Athlete

Improve your confidence, recognise your ability and perform to your true potential

✓ Bespoke 90-minute confidence     

    booster session 
✓ Confidence enhancing resources
✓ Confidence maintenance plan



The Motivated Athlete

Rediscover your motivation and achieve your life goals. 

✓ Bespoke 90-minute motivation                      booster session 
✓ Motivation enhancing resources
✓ Motivation maintenance plan


The Holistic Athlete

For high performers looking to train hard and recover harder.

✓ Bespoke 90-minute holistic practice              session 
✓ Holistic practice resources
✓ Holistic practice maintenance plan



The Positive Self-Talker Athlete

Transform your performance and learn to overcome adversity with positive self-talk.

✓ Bespoke 90-minute positive self-talk            enhancement session 
✓ Positive self-talk enhancing resources
✓ Positive self-talk maintenance plan



The Focused Athlete

Overcome your fears, learn to cope with stress and improve your focus

✓ Bespoke 90-minute improve your focus        session 
✓ Coping with anxiety and stress resources
✓ Reduced anxiety and stress                            maintenance plan